Recognizing God in everything and in everyone

November 12, 2020 – Thursday 32nd Week in Ordinary Time

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The Gospel tells us about the question of the Pharisees on the coming of the Kingdom of God. Jesus warns them not to look outside to search for the kingdom of God or to be deceived by people who claim to be god and to be Jesus. This warning of Jesus echoes until today. The kingdom of God, as Jesus affirms, is among us, as brothers and sisters. Thus, the presence of God can be felt and can be found in the very presence of our community.

Thus, we need to be more alert and more conscious of God’s presence and discerning of God’s voice and ways. We need wisdom, then. Though wisdom cannot be achieved through diplomas, certificates or earned by any master’s and doctoral degrees but a gift given to us through our life experiences, through the relationships we have built with others and with God. To receive the gift of wisdom allows us to recognize God in the presence of our brothers and sisters and in all of God’s creation that surrounds us because wisdom does not discriminate. Certainly, to be wise makes us closer to God because we become friends of God.

Recognizing God in everything and in everyone is a manifestation that the kingdom of God is being unfolded in our lives that is why Jesus said, the kingdom of God is among you because God is truly with us, in each of us and in everything.

This is what Paul realized which he wanted to share to his friend, Philemon. Philemon was the master of the slave, Onesimus. Onesimus ran away from his master but Paul wanted him to return to Philemon. Moreover, Paul asked warmly Philemon to receive and embrace Onesimus as a brother and not as a slave. This, indeed, is a sign of the Kingdom of God where one is able to recognize and embrace others as a brothers or a sister in Christ. Paul, certainly, was a discerning man and a wise person.

Hence, today let us ask God for the gift of wisdom, to make us wise so that we may be able to recognize God’s face and God’s plans for us in our daily lives. Seek for it and desire for it. Hinaut pa.


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