God invites us today to identify ourselves not with the second son but with the first son who like him have said “NO” to the Lord many times. The mistakes, failures and sins we have committed in life were those moments of saying “no” to the Lord. Those were the moments of depriving ourselves with true life, with freedom and joy of being with God. Yet, time and again, God surprises us with His presence and appears before us through people and events to call us once again and to invite us to come closer to him.Continue reading Afterwards

DO What You Mean

St. Francis of Assisi who once said: Preach the Good news at all times, and use words when necessary. This reminds us that everything in our life as Christian – our struggles, hopes, dreams, aspirations, commitments, as well as our repentance of sin is a Life of Witness to the Good News of Christ. Whatever we do and however we live our Christian lives is a testimony to God’s work of salvation. It is ours now to share and preach such gospel to all at all times, not only by our words but also by our actions.Continue reading DO What You Mean