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September 18, 2020 – Friday of the 24th Week in Ordinary Time

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In today’s Gospel, we are reminded that in the ministry of Jesus, the 12 men disciples were not the only ones who were part of the mission. There were “many others” who were with the Lord and played important roles. They were the women who were always with Jesus who like the 12 disciples, were also disciples themselves.

The Gospels did not mention that they too preached, but they played significant contribution in the ministry of Jesus, in his travels and in his preaching and healing. These generous women supported Jesus through the use of their resources.

Why follow Jesus? Why support him in his ministry? Each of them had their own stories with Jesus, stories of conversion and renewal, stories from brokenness to healing, from death to life. Each of them must have this real encounter with the person of Jesus. That encounter must have brought a total change in their life and in the way they were responding to life.

The Gospel of Luke itself tells us that some of them were cured from spiritual and/or physical illness. The experience of healing made them recognize God in Jesus. That experience too moved them to follow the Lord to know him more and to become more like him.

Surely, there are lessons that we can learn from the women who worked with Jesus in his ministry.[1] And they are…

1. Responding in gratitude. The women responded with gratitude to Jesus because of the life-changing grace they experienced through him. God surely worked miracles in our life too. Recognize those graces of events and experiences when God made manifest in your life and respond in gratitude to the Lord.

2. Using one’s talents, capacities and resources to continue the work of Jesus. As the women responded in gratitude, they used their own talents and capacities and including their material resources to support Jesus in his ministry. Never shy and never hesitate also to share what you have to the Lord. Share generously to the Church and to the communities where the work of Jesus is being continued. You yourself also can do that by volunteering or making yourself available in the Church’s many apostolate especially in this time of pandemic. Use your expertise where you are good at and offer them to the Lord.

3. Making the opportunity of giving by being close to Jesus. The women grabbed that opportunity of giving themselves and their resources so that they will be able to stay close to Jesus. Like the men, they walked with Jesus on the road, they gathered around him while eating, they listened with the people. With this, they learned and knew more about Jesus, about his person, his teaching and his ways. Day by day, they became like Jesus. Make every opportunity in serving the Lord to be your way of being close with Jesus too. The sacraments, the Holy Scriptures and your personal prayers are ways to learn more about Jesus and to become more like him.

4. Staying with Jesus till the end. The women were the faithful companions and friends of Jesus. When Jesus was arrested, carried his cross, died, and buried in the tomb, these women were always with Jesus. While the men disciples were in hiding, the women attended the dead Jesus. In pain and sorrow, they were with the Lord. Thus, they too were the first ones to witness the glory of the resurrection of Jesus. Hence, as we learn to become like Jesus, stay close with him too. Stay close with those who are in sorrow and in pain in many aspects of their life. By doing that, we also become the presence of Jesus in the lives of others who will bring assurance and confidence through our friendship.

Hinaut pa.

Jom Baring, CSsR

[1] Inspiration from


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