To rest is to celebrate life and give life


September 5, 2020 – Saturday of the 22nd Week in Ordinary Time

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To rest is a human need. In all aspects of our life, resting is necessary to make time for ourselves in order to recharge, recuperate and restore. Thus, its value is as important for our physical health and also for our emotional and spiritual life. The Holy Scripture would even affirm such value in our life.

In the Book of Genesis, God rested on the seventh day but not merely to recharge or recuperate or restore because God does not need this. God must have rested to enjoy and to be more delighted with creation, to look at us with much love and to cherish the wonder of Divine creation. Moreover, it was God’s way of allowing the creation too to grow and become the way God meant it to be.

This is how the Jewish belief also grew in their spirituality to give much importance to Sabbath, a day of rest and a day for God. Yet, the Gospel today tells us something that was quite contrary to what God has designed Sabbath should be.

The people had developed many regulations on how to observe Sabbath to the point that one should do nothing at all. Consequently, Jesus was criticized for healing people during Sabbath. This time, some Pharisees complained on why Jesus’ disciples were picking the heads of grain and eating them.

Such ridiculous regulations were made, believing that Sabbath will be holier by doing nothing at all. With this, Jesus objected and taught something very important to us. The Sabbath or this day of rest and day for God is meant to honor God, to be delighted of the many wonders of the Lord. Hence, Sabbath is meant to be a day of celebrating life and giving life.

Jesus healed people even during Sabbath because it was a way of celebrating and giving life. To work for your food is a way of celebrating and giving life too.

Today, we may always remember that as we rest to recharge, recuperate and restore aspects in our life, we are also called to celebrate life and give life. In this way then, resting becomes holy and dedicated to God who delights to see us and cherishes our every movement to be life-giving to others. Hinaut pa.

Jom Baring, CSsR


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