Am I being imprisoned too?

Let us be more reflective and discerning of these things and ask the grace from the Risen Christ to enlighten us. Pray, that we may be able to see and recognize the areas of our life where we are being imprisoned. Pray, that we may be free and become the person and community that we are called to be, and that is to be “light,” especially in this great and dark crisis today. Hence, believe in the Risen Christ, in Jesus who brings us light because Jesus was sent by the Father to redeem us and not to condemn us to death.Continue reading Am I being imprisoned too?

Have you been Born Again?

To be truly born of the Spirit is not just a mere ritual but rather a way of life. In today’s language, we call it, “Lifestyle.” Thus, it means that it is not just a one-time event but an everyday commitment to live a life filled with the Holy Spirit.

This is now the invitation for us today. Jesus calls us to re-examine our life on how we have lived our Christian life and carry out our commitment to God. We are called to identify the obstacles that prevent the flow of the Spirit in our life. We may want to start by recognizing the hurts, the pains, the traumas, even fears and doubts, our preconceptions, biases, attitudes and sins that hold us back from allowing the Spirit to inspire us, to mold us and to renew us.Continue reading Have you been Born Again?

When the Divine Mercy pierces through LOCKDOWN-HEARTS

This is what the Gospel is telling us today – the Lord meets us wherever we are and he takes us seriously in all our fears, anxieties and doubts. When God meets us in our own hiding places and closed doors, He brings us peace to our troubled hearts. This is an assurance that in God’s presence we find peace and without Him we will always be disturbed and insecure.

This is the mystery of the Divine Mercy which we celebrate on this Second Sunday of Easter, the God of Mercy who brings peace into our troubled and fearful hearts, and who pierces through our lockdown-hearts.Continue reading When the Divine Mercy pierces through LOCKDOWN-HEARTS

Believe the Gospel, believe in Jesus Christ

“Believe the Gospel, believe in Him, Believe in Jesus Christ” has always been the core message of the Gospel. For us to always experience the Good News of God’s glory in our lives, all we are asked to do is not to look for evidences, signs or proofs but just to believe in Him who reveals Himself right before and in us, our community of faith. Without faith, we cannot comprehend and benefit from the greatness of God’s graces offered and can offer us now by the Risen Lord, as he makes Himself present in our church and community. Continue reading Believe the Gospel, believe in Jesus Christ

It is the Lord

As the story of the Gospel was unfolded, it was during at dawn that a stranger appeared on the shore and asked them if they have caught anything. They all answered, “no,” they caught nothing. That stranger said, “cast the net over the right side of the boat and you will find something.” And they did! They trusted that stranger and to their surprise, when they pulled the net they could barely pull it back because there were plenty of fish.

It was at that moment, that the “beloved disciple” recognized that “it was the Lord Jesus.” Jesus is alive and there waiting on the shore. I always find this part of the story amazing and wonderful. The disciple whom Jesus loved had surely a closer relationship with the Lord. All of them were in darkness and all of them succumbed to their fear. However, because of the closer relationship with the Lord, the beloved disciple was able to find light in the midst of darkness. The beloved disciple realized the breaking of the dawn and so light has come. He realized that pain and death, sorrow and grief have all ended. Christ is alive. “It is the Lord,” as he said.Continue reading It is the Lord

On the Road towards realizing the Presence of God

When they have recognized the Lord, it was their time too to discover for themselves who they were and what they were meant to do, their mission and purpose in life.

Yes, by recognizing Jesus in the breaking of the bread, they too have affirmed that they were his disciples, that they were not left alone, were not abandoned by God but loved and cherished by this faithful and merciful God.
Continue reading On the Road towards realizing the Presence of God

Be captured by the Power of Resurrection

As disciples and modern day apostles of Jesus, we are to seek also the marginalized and the oppressed in our society. We are to bring hope and good news to those who are troubled and in despair. It is to be faithful to the mission of Jesus entrusted to us his believers that we shall also meet the risen Christ. This mission is surely radical and demanding, thus, it must always be motivated through the person of Jesus with the power of the Holy Spirit. Yes, only through the person of Jesus and not in money, in benefits or comforts for ourselves. Continue reading Be captured by the Power of Resurrection


We are invited to see that we are only people passing by on this earth. We are invited that we are nothing. We came to this world with nothing and we will leave this world with nothing except for our faith in God. This is the beauty of this Easter Vigil celebration that we started with darkness. It was dark but it is only the light of Christ that can show us back to life. “Do not be afraid!”Continue reading EASTER VIGIL MESSAGE: DO NOT BE AFRAID!