The Joy and Wonder of Easter

April 21, 2020 –  Tuesday 2nd week of Easter

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The joy and wonder of Easter caught the heart of the disciples of Jesus to truly believe in Him and in God’s power that defeats death and darkness and thus liberates us. This kind of spirit was truly felt by the early Christians. In fact, the joy and wonder of Easter was transformed into concrete resolutions and actions in living as a Christian community.

This is what we have heard today in the reading from Acts of the Apostles. We have heard how the community of believers felt God’s assurance and security that went beyond material wealth. It was because they were of one heart and mind, becoming more sensitive to the needs of each one. Consequently, the community began to share generously their material wealth with those who have none and were needy. Each member of the church had enough because each one contributed and shared.

This is the spirit of Easter that tells us how the Christians believed in Christ’s presence among them. However, this kind of attitude of sharing and letting go of possession did not also last long because selfishness and insecurities came into the picture. People began to advance their personal interest over the others and have taken advantage at the expense of the needy and the poor.


However, as a Christian community today, we are still called to live the spirit of Easter by generously sharing what we have to those who are in need. Letting go of all our material wealth at this present age would be impossible; yet, to joyfully give and share our resources, talents and capacities is what the Risen Jesus is calling us today.

This call to share our resources is more urgent in this time of crisis today. Our brothers and sisters who are daily wage earners such as the construction workers, trisikad and tricycle drivers, garbage collectors, street vendors and homeless/street-dwellers etc. are the most vulnerable during this lockdown and Enhanced Community Quarantine. What the Catholic Church is doing now is truly inspiring in the effort to reach out to people. Here in the Philippines, Caritas Manila for example (see their Facebook Page ) has given a billion pesos to the needy. Dioceses and Religious Congregations too have creatively made efforts to reach out to these people and to the many front liners.

In our own Parish, the Our Mother of Perpetual Help has also reached and given food packs to 635 families as of today in different communities. This became possible also through the generous contributions of individuals and families. Hence, even simple and small amount of help can make difference to the lives of others.

Hopefully, we may let our hearts also be filled with the joy and wonder of Easter. We may be overwhelmed then, with gratitude to God who has been so good to us, so that it may lead us to become joyful givers to our community and especially to our needy brothers and sister. Hinaut pa.

Jom Baring, CSsR


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