It is the Lord

As the story of the Gospel was unfolded, it was during at dawn that a stranger appeared on the shore and asked them if they have caught anything. They all answered, “no,” they caught nothing. That stranger said, “cast the net over the right side of the boat and you will find something.” And they did! They trusted that stranger and to their surprise, when they pulled the net they could barely pull it back because there were plenty of fish.

It was at that moment, that the “beloved disciple” recognized that “it was the Lord Jesus.” Jesus is alive and there waiting on the shore. I always find this part of the story amazing and wonderful. The disciple whom Jesus loved had surely a closer relationship with the Lord. All of them were in darkness and all of them succumbed to their fear. However, because of the closer relationship with the Lord, the beloved disciple was able to find light in the midst of darkness. The beloved disciple realized the breaking of the dawn and so light has come. He realized that pain and death, sorrow and grief have all ended. Christ is alive. “It is the Lord,” as he said.Continue reading It is the Lord