Making the Memory of Jesus ever alive in us

Jesus showed to us that loving entails humility, by bending down towards the level of those whom we might think as lower than us. By washing the feet of his disciples, Jesus showed that loving is not “power-over.” Jesus tells us then, that in loving we do not take control over the other, not even to exercise manipulation. Jesus shows us that loving is a form of sacrifice where we need to strip ourselves with those things that might prevent us from truly relating with others.

Hopefully, by becoming the presence of Jesus to one another, then, we too shall be able to fulfill also the call of Jesus in his Last Supper, “Do this in memory of me.” In this way, we make Jesus ever alive in us by allowing the grace of Eucharist to transform us including our thoughts, words and actions, the very sign that God is with us because He himself always remembers us.Continue reading Making the Memory of Jesus ever alive in us


We are commissioned by Jesus to become priests and servants for His people in His kingdom. By our baptism, we shared the office of the priesthood of Christ. It means you and I are called to pray, to serve, and to pastor others. In this trying times, Jesus invites us to pray for those afflicted with COVID disease that they may have hope and experience healing. We are also called to generously serve for those who are exhausted in helping others, such as medical frontliners and government workers. Further, we are called to pastor for those who have lost their faith because of suffering and of death of their loved ones.Continue reading THE HOLY EUCHARIST