Seek help when encountering a bully-giant

January 22, 2020 – Wednesday of the 2nd Week of Ordinary Time

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What is it that you find most difficult to deal with now – that you consider as the “bullying giant” of your life at the moment? 

Each of us would have different answers. Others might have the difficulty of the upcoming exams for students or others would have relationships at the brink of breaking. Others also might be suffering from some sickness. Others as well are troubled for losing one’s job. Some of us also might be struggling with some destructive habits and addictions.

Indeed, there might be more than what I have mentioned. Personally, when I was younger I have this difficulty of presenting myself before a big crowd. Just by standing in front, it frightened me very much because of a very low self-esteem. I believed that I was so worthless and was good for nothing. Yes, that kind of belief I had before was one the most difficult things I had to face. I needed to recognize what I am good at, by looking at my strengths and not to dwell so much of what I can’t do and what I didn’t have. In fact, this was my biggest giant I had to face and conquer. True enough, as I was “rediscovering” myself with the help of friends and mentors I have arrived at a level of being grateful of who I am, thus, becoming more confident and accepting of who I am and of what I am capable of. 

This experience reminded me of our first reading today. It is also about facing a giant and conquering fear.

We are very familiar with this story of the little shepherd boy, named David and the bully giant, Goliath. The Hebrew people were threatened by other nations especially by the Philistines who wanted to conquer Israel. The giant Goliath was the image of that bully neighbor of Israel, the Philistines. Goliath had killed so many armies since he was so big and so strong. The soldiers of King Saul were so frightened because they have witnessed how this Goliath killed their friends in the battle field. They were actually at the brink of surrendering to the enemy. However, here comes the little shepherd boy who came with his sling shot and five stones. He presented before the king and volunteered to fight against Goliath. David, though so small, was confident and unafraid.

How come? This is David’s secret. David was confident and unafraid because the Lord promised him, “I will be with you!” Yes, this confidence was shown in the attitude of David. When Goliath advanced, David in response met him. David did not wait for Goliath but he too actively advanced to show to Goliath that he was not afraid of him. And the reason? David was confident that God is with him!

This is God’s message for us today.

We are all aware that life may not be easy. There will be challenges and difficulties in our relationships with others and with ourselves. Let us just be conscious that we also have this tendency to take things by ourselves alone, thinking that we can do things and solve problems by ourselves alone. Like for example, when we deal with our own problems, we might tend to keep it to ourselves and refuse to seek help from others. Surely, it would be almost impossible for us to deal that problem. Especially with destructive habits or addictions that we have developed through time. Like addictions in computer games, alcohol, drugs, gambling, or sex – these addictions cannot be dealt alone. We need the company and guidance of others. Thus, we are reminded today to face our difficulties by seeking the help of friends.

And most importantly, to remember that when we face the troubles of our life, the challenges that we have now, we are not all alone because God has promised us that he will be with us! Yes, the Christmas that we have just celebrated last month has reminded us of the birth of the Emmanuel, the God-with-us. God has come to live among us! Thus, as we face the troubles and difficulties of our life, let us be confident also like David in facing those bullying giants because God is truly our friend, refuge and defender. Hinaut pa.

Jom Baring, CSsR

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