Allowing the Lord to look at us intimately

January 4, 2020 – Saturday before Epiphany

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Jesus began to call his first disciples. The first two of them were John (the beloved) and Andrew who later introduced his brother Simon to Jesus. Simon has been called by Jesus as Cephas or Peter, which means the rock.

John and Andrew were disciples of John the Baptist. Hence, because of John, the two have been hearing about John’s prophecy of the Messiah who is to come. They have actually been waiting for him to arrive.  Perhaps, when they finally met Jesus, they too were astonished at the appearance of Jesus. They were surprised not because of the grandiosity of Jesus but because of his simplicity. Jesus was just an ordinary Jew, dressed in an ordinary way as common people did at that time. His physical feature was not that astounding, like a “model or artista,” no! However, there was something in Jesus that they have deeply felt.

Jesus was a man who when he looks at you, you will be captivated by him. Yes, when Jesus looked at them, he did not just look at them in the eyes but through their heart too. When Jesus looks, it is nothing casual because he looks at us with love and concern.

This experience of the two led them to see and recognize the Messiah! And this prompted them to follow Jesus. 

Each of us also is invited to look at Jesus, look at his eyes, and also allow the Lord to look at us so that we may see how he loves us so much. The look of Jesus is neither condemning nor terrifying because of the sins we have committed. Jesus’ look will always be loving and merciful, inviting us to come closer to him. Thus, let Jesus look at us intimately today.

When we are able to do that, surely Jesus will also say to us, “Come!” –that is to follow the Lord in the way we live our lives and perform our duties as parents, as children, as students, as professionals, as workers and as person. Hinaut pa.

Jom Baring, CSsR

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