Seeing Jesus at last

December 30, 2019 – 6th Day in the Octave of Christmas

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The life of the Prophetess Anna in the Gospel of Luke, reminds me of our grandmothers and fathers who come to Church often or even daily. These people are most of the time, the first ones to arrive and to sit in front or at least near the altar. 

It is a contrast that I see between the old and us, young people because the young would usually sit at the back or even stay outside the church. I know, that because of the physical limitations, our grandmothers and fathers would choose to be near the altar so that they can hear well and receive communion easily. The young ones also would choose the back, perhaps so that it would be easier to chat with a friend and make an easy exit after the mass or more comfortable to sit there rather than in front. 🙂

Anna, in the Gospel of Luke, would always go to the Temple because she was desiring of seeing and meeting the Messiah. For many years, she persisted despite the dull and boring days that she had to spend while waiting for the Messiah to come. However, her faith bore fruit when Jesus arrived. At last, Anna met and encountered the Messiah. 

It was not difficult for her to recognize Jesus because her heart was ready and open for his coming. Thus, she immediately recognized the Lord and was delighted for that encounter. That encounter too changed her life completely.

On this sixth day of the Octave of Christmas, let us also make our hearts and minds always open and welcoming to God’s presence. Like Anna, we may also desire in meeting the Lord in ways that could be beyond our expectation. As we meet and encounter Jesus through the presence of our brothers and sisters, we may also praise God by telling others how good God is to us. Hinaut pa.

Jom Baring, CSsR


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