The Story of Gideon, the tactless and blunt

Do you have friends who speaks bluntly and tactlessly to you? Are they not annoying sometimes? Oh, yes, they do. My friends would feel that towards me. But I am more tactless than blunt.

However, our young man here, Gideon, is plainly honest, blunt and also tactless. Gideon was not used to flattery and flowery words that only seek recognition and praise. He was never after that. He speaks his mind and expresses himself even if reality would surely offend the person.

Thus, when the angel of the Lord greeted him, “The Lord be with you, you mighty warrior.”

“What? What did you say? How could you say that the Lord is with us, when we are suffering?” that was the unashamed reply of Gideon to the angel. If I was that angel, I would be taken aback at his words!

Gideon freely expressed himself, of what he thought about particularly of the present context, of the reality he was in. The people were oppressed. They were forced to worship alien gods. They were made slaves to the Medians. All of this, Gideon brought to the angel who said to him, The Lord is with you!

However, God was never offended by this blunt and seemingly tactless expressions of Gideon. God was even delighted by this because Gideon was honest and was aware of the present reality. He was not sugar-coating or making flattery words.

As young people, the Lord invites us also to stand and speak like Gideon not to fear because the Lord is truly with us. Thus, recognize your present reality not just the reality within yourself but recognize the reality that surrounds you. Speak up and stand like Gideon. Do not remain silent in the midst of injustice and oppression! As young persons, the Lord calls us too in our own capacity.


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