Not just in words but also in actions and in our whole person

October 12, 2019 – Saturday 27th Week in Ordinary Time

A reading from the Holy Gospel according to Luke (11:27-28)

While Jesus was speaking,
a woman from the crowd called out and said to him,
“Blessed is the womb that carried you
and the breasts at which you nursed.”
He replied, “Rather, blessed are those
who hear the word of God and observe it.”


The woman in the gospel praised Mary, the mother of Jesus for having a great son like him. However, Jesus even praised Mary not just on this basis but rather for being able to listen to the Word of God, pondering upon it and observing it.

St. Anselm even affirmed that because of the great devotion of Mary to the Word of God in listening and pondering everything in her heart, the Word was made flesh within her. This means that Mary’s devotion towards the Word of God did not only stop in mere hearing but the word spoken by God transformed Mary herself. Consequently, Mary has become our best example of a person who took the risk of listening, accepting and embracing God’s word. It was in that way that Mary found her joy, her peace and her freedom as a person, as woman, a wife and a mother.

Each of us today also is being invited that our devotion to the Word of God will not just remain a mere obligation to God and not just part of our speech but also of our actions.

Thus, Jesus invites us that as we listen to him, who is speaking to us now, we too will be able to accept and embrace His words. His words may become difficult and challenging, risky and time-consuming but also comforting and inspiring, life-changing and liberating. We will surely then find that as we listen and ponder the Word of God in our heart, our actions, thoughts and speech and our person will also be transformed into what God desires us to be.

Today, let us be conscious about it, the Word of God revealed in this Eucharist and in the Holy Scriptures so that its inspiration, its warmth and power will give light and life in our relationships with our families and friends, and in the many efforts that we make in our studies and in our work. Hinaut pa.

Jom Baring, CSsR


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