What treasure do I possess and nurture?

June 21, 2019 – Friday 11th Week in OT

2 Cor 11:18, 21-30; Mt. 6: 19-23

What is it that usually occupies your mind? What keeps you busy? What is it that consumes your energy and gives you satisfaction and happiness?

Is it something that builds and nurtures relationships? Is it lasting or temporary? Does it give you true satisfaction and deep joy or does it only feed your need for immediate gratification?

Thus, it is good to reflect what the Gospel says to us today, “for where your treasure is, there also your heart be.” By being able to know on what really occupies our mind and on what keeps us busy and on what consumes our energy, then we shall find our heart. We too shall find our treasure there.

This is an invitation to see and realize on what is really of value and important to us. Is it myself alone and personal career and success? Are these my addictions and selfish desires? Or are these my relationships? My God, family and friends?

Paul in his letter to the Corinthians told us of what occupied him, kept him busy and what consumed his energy. He actually was boasting of his sacrifices that he made in preaching the Gospel, and giving witness to the Risen Jesus. It was all for the love of the Lord Jesus that Paul took the risk and gave himself for the sake of the proclamation of the Gospel. He was imprisoned, beaten, stoned, persecuted, and experienced danger in his travels all for the love of God.

where your treasure is

Paul did these without any complain neither grumbles nor bitterness. Joy in sharing and giving witness to the Gospel was what moved Paul to do all these sacrifices. In fact, this joy originated from Jesus himself, the true joy of Paul, and his lasting and true treasure in heaven.

Indeed, the relationship of Paul with the Lord and with the people to whom he was sent sustained Paul’s person and ministry. Paul would always see the day as something new, filled with hope that is why he was able to continue in his ministry.

This is also the invitation of Jesus in today’s Gospel – “store up treasures in heaven.” Jesus invites us to be more conscious of things that will last. Jesus was not talking about material possessions, neither human desires for recognition and power nor human cravings for self-gratification.

Jesus called his disciples and us today to treasure the relationship we have with God and our relationship among ourselves as families and community. This means that it was also an invitation to give priority to these relationships, in nurturing and giving importance through sharing of gifts and giving sacrifices for one another.

Jesus invites us then, to give more importance in our relationships, particularly, to be daring in building intimate and deeper relationships with God and with our families by giving what we have – our time and presence, by not fearing to take sacrifices for our loved ones.

Thus, spend quality time with your spouse and children, parents and siblings. Let them feel that you are not just physically present but also mentally and emotionally with them. Stop any distractions that will separate you from them which could be your gadgets or other forms of addictions.

Allot a good time with God too, talking to Him and feeling His presence. Too many words may not be necessary, but just allow God to touch you. Hinaut pa.

Jom Baring, CSsR


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