We have a Mother

June 10, 2019 – Memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church


“Behold your mother.” – Jn. 19:27

Today’s Gospel makes us confident because there on the cross, Jesus assured us that we have a mother. We are not orphaned and alone because Mary is our mother and we, all of us, are her sons and daughters. The presence of Mary becomes the presence of Jesus.

As Mary stands at the foot of the cross, she becomes a model of faith and discipleship. Her presence and her maternal role keep us and protect us. This is the reason why we, the Church, would always seek guidance and inspiration from Mary because we feel the identity of being her children in faith. The intercession of Mary as a mother, becomes a bridge of faith. It is to lead us to her risen Son, Jesus Christ.

Through her example of faith and obedience to God, she shows us the direction. By her confidence and prayer, she assures all of us. This is the very reason too why we are celebrating this feast of Mary, Mother of the Church right after the Solemnity of the Pentecost. In the words of Pope Francis, “through the person of Mary, as a mother, the Church learns the langugae of tenderness, knows the language of such wisdom of caresses, of silence, of the gaze that knows compassion, that knows silence,” (Pope Francis, May 21, 2018).

Personally, Mary as a mother, she cares and loves all the believers of Christ not just in a general sense. Mary cares and loves every believer. And I truly believe in this. She carries and leads every person to gaze and recognize at the true source of light and life, her Lord and God. And by her loving care, no one will be lost. St. Alphonsus would say, “a true child of Mary will never be lost.”


This feast that we celebrate today does not point at all to Mary but rather to Jesus who commissioned Mary and gave her the grace to be our mother, and thus, to be my Mother, my own Nanay.

What is it to you and to me now who are devoted to Mary, our Mother? How do we express now our act of thanksgiving for all the graces that we have received? You and I are called now to become God’s sign of help and compassion. It means that as a Church, our devotion should not only remain a mere devotional practice but must also flow into our actions and words, into our decision and choices.

Thus, I would like to invite you to extend your help to someone who is most in need, perhaps your friend, co-worker, relative or even a stranger. Console and give comfort to those who are in pain. Support and promote life and oppose those who destroy it because these are the ways that we will truly become a Church that shows compassion and tenderness.

Mary, our mother, would have a lot to teach us to us. Let us come closer to her, then, belive in her maternal love and tenderness because she will surely brings us closer to her Son, Jesus. Hinaut pa.

Jom Baring, CSsR


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